The St. Patrick’s Post

Before I delve into holiday well-wishing allow me to make the following statement:

My apologies for the above comic, my best excuse for it is that it was late and I was tired.  It’s been a busy day and my humour gland is not pumping at its usual rate.

To all my readers; Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  As if you need any extra incentive to imbibe a Guinness or twelve, the dark beverage is indeed good for you.  A Guinness a day will help to prevent blood-clots and is laden with B-Vitamins.  So drink up!

And while you’re drinking, be sure to go over to The Facebook, where Baroquen now has a fan page under the same name!  Tell your friends!

Until next time, I am,

Your most faithful and stout-soaked artist,


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