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Unfortunate Occurances

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

No, Baroquen is not going on hiatus, nor are we becoming a gaming comic.

And yes, Baroquen will continue to be 100% ninja free.

However, the bad news is this:  the basement where my computer is kept was visited by a flow of water.  As in, a pipe burst.  The idiots that built my home also though it a brilliant idea to wall over the shut-off valve for the outside tap.

Fortunately, my computer was not damaged, nor were any of the archives.  Although, the basement is in a bit of disarray, making it difficult to make comics in that atmosphere.  Everything being unplugged and all.  However, I have utilised A’s, Bamboo tablet and made the above drawing for your amusement.

The tablet is an interesting piece of technology, and I’ll be tinkering with it more, at least until I have the computer and scanner up and running again.

Until next time, gentle readers, Keep Calm and Carry On!