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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Dear Gentle Reader-

Before diving into the meat of this post, allow me to direct my fellow chaps and chapettes to a dandy of a band I had the pleasure of watching this past Friday:  The Two Man Gentleman Band.  And dandy they were!  They played a most amusing set of Ragtime-inspired tunes!  I humbly suggest my readership to give them a listen.

Now, on to the meat.  Today’s comic was inspired by the recent release of Star Trek Online.  A game I may acquire.  I wasn’t always drawn toward MMORPGs, as they seemed the stuff of cheetoh-munching basement-dwellers, and I often mocked my sister for her WoW addiction.

Now, it seems, the tables are turned and my inner dweeb cries out to be heard.  Several times, I have already gleefully perused Star Trek Online’s web-page, clicking away with baited-breath.

If anyone wonders, if in some point in the near future, the quality of this cartoon should decline for, say, a period of five months, blame the game.

Until next time, gentle reader, I am,

Your humble cartoonist,



Monday, February 15th, 2010

Many apologies for a lack of illustrated japery last week.  There were some personal things that arose and are currently being taken care of.

However, the primary reason for a lack of web-comics was that I was snowed in at my lady-friend’s house for four days.  Which, isn’t so bad!

What is bad is the state of the weather in my location, Maryland.  Since the month began, there has fallen nearly sixty inches of snow.  Wrap your mind around that.  Sixty.  Inches. 

And, for whatever reason, Mother Nature has deemed it necessary to drop more snow upon us Monday evening.  I, for one, am thoroughly sick of this meterological absuridy.  The levels of snow have officially crossed from “pretty” to “thoroughly obnoxious.”

That is my take on the weather, in any case.

Until next time, I am,

Your mostly frozen Artist,


Absolute Twaddle

Friday, February 19th, 2010

The other day, I thought to myself, gee, I haven’t been sick in quite some time.

Well, guess what?

Yesterday I awoke ill, and unwilling to move.  Same today.  Just not feeling it.

My nose has been rubbed by tissues so many times it now has similar consistencies to that of large-grain sandpaper and causing my thoughts to move through a sort of mental sludge akin to molasses on a cold day.

So, my apologies, readers, there will be no comic today.  As satisfaction to my readers, I invite you all to watch this point-by-point how-to on how gentlemen should go about dueling.

General Etiquette:
How To Fight A Duel