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Whoa, hey-o!

Monday, October 25th, 2010

So, what’s going on, you ask?

Lazy answer:  Not a clue.

Real answer:

Coming down off of a bit of a busy/uncreative spell and trying to get back on the ol’ regular-updates band wagon.

Speaking of which, someone should start hosting bands that perform in wagons.  That would be incredible.

The last few comics have taken a mountain of (mental) effort – when I dropped off updating, for every day I didn’t draw, I practically needed two days to become creative again.


Also, I’m sure you’re wondering about that one post, entitled “The Gamble.”  Another attempt at writing a storyline.

I have the unbelievable ability to start writing plots, and then drop them out of terror.  So, from now on, expect gags, less plot from me.

Unless you happen to be a comic writer in search of an artist.  Then I’m your man.  Plot away.

Until next Tuesday, I am,

an artist,