Observing The Rebel Lines
Friday — June 24th, 2011

Observing The Rebel Lines

Mr. Nicholas Kirkwood, journalist, and Colonel Joshua Cane, U.S.

To the Gentle Reader:

Roundheads and Jacobins

The English were removing the head of their king waaaay before the French made it cool.

And before the Guillotine made it so much more efficient.



Das Joke

I like jokes that are subtle, but this is quite possibly my most subtlest.

Your Undead Head of State

In case anyone at all, the Zombie monarchs that have risen to take revenge on their regicides are (from left to right) Charles I, Nicholas II, and Louis XVI.

Now, something I find fascinating is that after having Charles I beheaded, Cromwell instructed that the dead king’s head be sewn back on.

Anyway, enjoy this Halloween-themed comic two days after Halloween.



Whoa, hey-o!

So, what’s going on, you ask?

Lazy answer:  Not a clue.

Real answer:

Coming down off of a bit of a busy/uncreative spell and trying to get back on the ol’ regular-updates band wagon.

Speaking of which, someone should start hosting bands that perform in wagons.  That would be incredible.

The last few comics have taken a mountain of (mental) effort – when I dropped off updating, for every day I didn’t draw, I practically needed two days to become creative again.


Also, I’m sure you’re wondering about that one post, entitled “The Gamble.”  Another attempt at writing a storyline.

I have the unbelievable ability to start writing plots, and then drop them out of terror.  So, from now on, expect gags, less plot from me.

Unless you happen to be a comic writer in search of an artist.  Then I’m your man.  Plot away.

Until next Tuesday, I am,

an artist,



I’m so sorry for the long delay.  I’ve been working a new job.

To be honest, I contemplated dropping the comic altogether.  However, the simple act of drawing this single comic changed my mind.

At the very least, you all can expect at least one comic per week.

Thanks for being loyal!


Back in the Pilot’s Seat

So sorry for the delay in comic-making, I’ve been busy with work, etc, other things.

But I have not been idle in the comics arena!  I entered the Washington Post‘s “Next Great Cartoonist” contest.  So, wish me luck!

Enjoy today’s healthy serving of fish and puns.


On this date…

…in 996, Otto III became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.




In regards to today’s comic, it is true! 

Edith Garrud, a suffragette in the UK, practiced her ju-jitsu on the hapless policemen of London who made the mistake of attempting to arrest her.

Edith’s story was referenced to me by my girlfriend, which inspired the above comic.

Until next time, I am

unschooled in the martial arts,


Hole in the Head

In regards to today’s joke:

Too soon?



I’ve been reading a lot of true-crime lately and suggest to you, the gentle reader, A Bright and Guilty Place.

It’s pretty much about Los Angeles and the creation of what would call “Noir.”  Its a fun, and as you can see, inspiring read!