Observing The Rebel Lines
Friday — June 24th, 2011

Observing The Rebel Lines

Mr. Nicholas Kirkwood, journalist, and Colonel Joshua Cane, U.S.

To the Gentle Reader:

Cinco de Mayonnaise

In honour of Cinco de Mayo, here’s President Benito Juarez, who led Mexico through its war with France!



The Highest Levels

Only the most agile of Kung-Fop practitioners are able to perform a flying kick without spilling a single drop of their tea.


Sillier Things

Sometimes, I’ll come up with an idea that won’t let go until it makes it onto the site.

This is one of those ideas.



In reference to today’s comic…isn’t true, though?



Today’s comic is dedicated to those reading in the Baltimore region, to whom this joke has an added layer.

To those who live outside the abovementioned region, I’m sure you will enjoy the absurd imagery I have presented.

Happy Easter!  Enjoy your chocolate-egg-infused sugar highs.

I am, as always,

Yer ardisd, hon


Oh Well

The imagination well ran dry, so enjoy this guest comic made by my younger sister!

Until next time, I am,

Your very exhausted artist,


Dewey Defeats Truman

I always wondered what went on at Dewey campaign HQ on election night in 1948.  Especially after their euphoria of winning the presidency was dashed to pieces when the full results came in.

Perhaps today’s comic lends us some insight?


No, really, Booth sucks

Your artist is currently reading Mr James Swanson’s Manhunt:  The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer. 

And I must say, that if the South were to peak into the future and see the military occupation headed their way after Lincoln’s death, they likely would have published similar headlines to today’s comic.

I’m sure the South had no love for Lincoln, but he was no good to the former Confederacy dead.

Also, from all I’ve read, Booth comes off as a huge douche.

I am, as always,

Your Pro-Union artist,


Beer Questions


Particularly those who consume beer or ale, as well as those ladies who consume the same, I pose the following question:

Suppose there is a man who is selling beer.  This beer is the world’s worst.  However, this beer is cold, and he has an unlimited supply and the price is free.

Would you take one?

Please feel to leave a comment.

Until then, I am,

your artist,


The St. Patrick’s Post

Before I delve into holiday well-wishing allow me to make the following statement:

My apologies for the above comic, my best excuse for it is that it was late and I was tired.  It’s been a busy day and my humour gland is not pumping at its usual rate.

To all my readers; Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  As if you need any extra incentive to imbibe a Guinness or twelve, the dark beverage is indeed good for you.  A Guinness a day will help to prevent blood-clots and is laden with B-Vitamins.  So drink up!

And while you’re drinking, be sure to go over to The Facebook, where Baroquen now has a fan page under the same name!  Tell your friends!

Until next time, I am,

Your most faithful and stout-soaked artist,