Raise the Curtains!
November 5th, 2008

Raise the Curtains!

Ok, here we go!  All professional n’ stuff.  Don’t expect anything exciting just yet.  I’m still groping my way in the dark on this whole webcomic business.  Let’s see how this first one goes.



  1. Sarah

    WOOOH! Congratulations! *adds to favorites to be checked daily along with Least I Could Do, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Cyanide and Happiness, Book of Biff and Ozy and Millie* Yay!

  2. Sarah

    Oh, AND I have a framed custom-drawn picture from Stu to be sold in a few years on Ebay. Hell yeah. You better get famous. I’m hoping for early-retirement. But I’ll settle for a Corvette.

  3. Rebecca

    Yippie, its begun!

  4. Nancy

    It made me laugh!
    You know I’m a hard sell!

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