Mrs Drummond Goes Out
January 16th, 2009

Mrs Drummond Goes Out


  1. StickySlash

    Y’all fergot an end-quote at the end. :-) Haven’t commented in MONTHS, so of course I felt the need to correct your grammer. Anywho, I must say I feel the comic’s been improving steadily! And it started out good, so in a few more month’s you’ll be kicking God’s ass. Then after that, Chuck Norris. Booya!

    I also have to say I like how “S” is the “Artist and Amateur Fisticuffsman” while “A” is the “Manager of Baroquen Industries”. ^_^ It’s fitting, “A” being useful and “S” being…a Fisticuffsman. An AMATEUR one at that. Geez. Anywho. Bravo on excellent webcomictry and know that I’m reading. And advertising.

  2. A

    One thing you can always count on us Kaufmans for is not wasting letters.

    As for the missing quotation mark, well… we ran out of funding and we were hoping no one would notice. :X

    Thanks for readin’ 😀 <3


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