The Alco-Log

My colleague, A, ever the curious economist that she is, struck upon an idea for which to perform an experiment in household economics.  No, I don’t mean instructing teenagers how to clean a kitchen or bake a cake, but economics in the form of what goes into my liver.

Thus was born the Alco-Log. At first, I thought this a cruel way to point out I have a problem, which I don’t.  I’m a drunk, not an alcoholic.  Alcoholics go to meetings.

At first, this Alco-Log was to be a simple inventory of my liver abuse, but this is much too simple, A thought.  This has been upgraded to listing the source of the ale of which I consume, its price, and date of which I consume said tasty brews.  In addition, my dad has been recruited as well to suffer with me.  But, suffer is such a strong word.  My interest has been piqued by my colleague’s excitment over this experiment.  A delicious, hoppy, full-bodied, and creamy-headed experiment.


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  1. A

    Part of me wishes this experiment could be conducted without the drinkers knowledge.

    I now have pictures of interns in lab coats following people around with steno-pads tracking thier drinks, all the while attempting to remain unseen. Perhaps hiding in plastic plants.

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