Regarding the Alco-Log


Let me tell you, if I could get a sample size of 1,000 or more people with a years worth of Alco-log-ism, I could write a paper of NOBEL proportions!

So… if anyone out in internet land would want to aid me in my THIRST (haha) FOR KNOWLEDGE, try keeping an Alco-log! be sure to list you age, gender, employment status, marital status, number of children and any other information so that all variables can be properly regressed.  Then in the log itself, simply list the type of drink, how much consumed, and the date and time of consumption.

As of right now I have no initial hypotheses, but I am very interested to see if any correlations occur. 

If I can get no other volunteers for my mini-study, I’ll simply have to write a paper on the habits of my brother, which would be much less scientifically significant and Nobel Prize worthy, but still interesting.

Forever yours in science,




  1. Nikki

    I’ll be able to assist in…three more months!

  2. StickySlash

    So you would like us to post on here every time we consume alcohol, or somewhere else? ‘Cause I’m all for documenting what I drink! Y’know…when I don’t forget. ‘Cause of it being too much. ^_^ “S.” is just not allowed to make fun of me for it all being “girl drinks”, got it? Though I had a dream I chugged a pitcher of beer last night….

  3. A

    Hey! if you want to help, just keep a log for yourself on whatever is convienent and then after you get sick of recording it, just send it to me, and I’ll turn it into SCIENCE!

    Thanks guys! This could be fun :)

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