New England Webcomics Weekend

I will be first to admit that I have seriously dropped the ball.  Although, perhaps what I have done is violently shot it out of a cannon into the Grand Canyon.  In any case, myself, and my esteemed colleague, A, who did the vast majority of planning for this trip, will be present at this upcoming weekend’s festival of Internet-based cartoon jollilty.

As we are not quite famous or wealthy enough yet, the staff of Baroquen will not have a booth of any kind.  Considering that all twenty of the reading Gentry of this comic are unlikely to attend, makes the idea of getting a booth rather more absurd.  However, perhaps in a year, that may change.


If you really have your heart set on meeting myself or my esteemed colleague, I will likely be wearing a camel-coloured fedora.  There is also an associated Public-House Crawl which myself and A will attend on Friday, the 20th of March.  I may not be wearing the fedora that evening, but may instead be spotted wearing a British Second World War helmet.

If I meet one member of the Gentry I will be thrilled!

For more information on the New England Webcomics Weekend, click HERE!

Until next time, I am,

Your most faithful and obedient humourist,


Artist and noted Idler


  1. Nikki

    Shucks! That was only about a half an hour from me. I would have liked to be there, if only I had known about it sooner. Sorry I missed you guys!

  2. A

    That’s ok! We are infinately flattered that anyone would want to see us :)

    We hope to make the trip again next year, maybe with some buttons or something.

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