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Monday, February 15th, 2010

Many apologies for a lack of illustrated japery last week.  There were some personal things that arose and are currently being taken care of.

However, the primary reason for a lack of web-comics was that I was snowed in at my lady-friend’s house for four days.  Which, isn’t so bad!

What is bad is the state of the weather in my location, Maryland.  Since the month began, there has fallen nearly sixty inches of snow.  Wrap your mind around that.  Sixty.  Inches. 

And, for whatever reason, Mother Nature has deemed it necessary to drop more snow upon us Monday evening.  I, for one, am thoroughly sick of this meterological absuridy.  The levels of snow have officially crossed from “pretty” to “thoroughly obnoxious.”

That is my take on the weather, in any case.

Until next time, I am,

Your mostly frozen Artist,