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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Dear Gentle Reader-

Before diving into the meat of this post, allow me to direct my fellow chaps and chapettes to a dandy of a band I had the pleasure of watching this past Friday:  The Two Man Gentleman Band.  And dandy they were!  They played a most amusing set of Ragtime-inspired tunes!  I humbly suggest my readership to give them a listen.

Now, on to the meat.  Today’s comic was inspired by the recent release of Star Trek Online.  A game I may acquire.  I wasn’t always drawn toward MMORPGs, as they seemed the stuff of cheetoh-munching basement-dwellers, and I often mocked my sister for her WoW addiction.

Now, it seems, the tables are turned and my inner dweeb cries out to be heard.  Several times, I have already gleefully perused Star Trek Online’s web-page, clicking away with baited-breath.

If anyone wonders, if in some point in the near future, the quality of this cartoon should decline for, say, a period of five months, blame the game.

Until next time, gentle reader, I am,

Your humble cartoonist,