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Dear Sir Internet,

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

My brother and I are so glad to meet your acquaintance.  We have heard much of your exploits and hope that we will do well to get along and work fluidly together for our joint betterment.  We will do our best to be the humblest of guests in your expansive quarters and, I trust, you will be naught but the most generous of hosts.

I appreciate your allowing us to join the wing of your home populated by those of similar interests, the Webcomicry Wing.  And although our current space for our venture is small in comparison to those craftsman that we have admired for nigh on a decade now, I pray that one day I shall turn and be proud to see that my neighbors look upon me as an equal.

I am humble in knowing that I am both young and inexperienced, but know that I shall put in my blood, sweat and tears into handcrafting this small piece of real estate into a safe haven for the discerning Lady and Gentleman, seeking refuge from all but handcrafted humour.

Please, Dear Internet, or Net if I may be so bold, have patience, for you will swell with pride in the years to come for allowing us this fine opportunity.

And now, without further adieu, allow us this opportunity to set up shop and hone our skills.  Feel free to give suggestions or advice, we will graciously accept any opportunity to increase the quality of our wares.   Our workers have begun whirring with production and our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Drummond, Mr. Edmondson, The Dear Reverend, The Frenchmen and any other friends they may acquire in this vast land, Sir Internet, have begun their life’s work. Which is, of course, to bring you joy and to give to you a glimpse into their hearts and minds (and at times, cups).

Nonetheless, Sir Net, I am overjoyed to be working with you at present and I hope that we may continue to work together for a very long time.

Many Gracious Thanks,

~A. Kaufman

Manager of Baroquen Industries

Minister of Toast