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Shout Outs!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Hello People of the Internet:

We’ve been going at the Webcomickrey for a couple of months now, and I think we are really hitting a good stride.  I am very proud of what myself and especially my Brother Artiste have come up with. Oh and be sure that things will only get better! We are basically a newborn comic so we are learning so much every time we sit down to write, draw, and upload to the web.   With my excitement, I can’t help but to give a few shout-outs to those who have inspired us to get this far:

1. Mom and Dad — Despite their best efforts to push my brother and I away from possible careers in art, they have always supported our doodles, paintings and other mediums of expression.  I’m starting to rethink getting an MBA now… (MFA anyone?? just kidding :-0)

2. Our wonderful artist S. Kaufman, for I would never be as brave as him to draw that first comic strip and post it on the web for all the world to see.  For without him, we wouldn’t have a comic! These are all characters born of his imagination and his penmanship and without him, we would have NOTHING!

3. Batman, my favorite superhero EVER. Nuff’ said.

4. Mr. S. Kaufman, again, for being awesome

5. This one’s a biggie too, Halfpixel.  Formerly of, currently of they are Mr. Kristofer Straub of, Mr. Scott Kurtz of, Mr. Brad Guigar of, and last but certainly not least Mr. Dave Kellet of the lovely  You should go read all of their archives and buy all of their stuff, like  I have.  They are all lovely gentleman who have published the wonderful book “How to Make Webcomics”.  You should buy that and read it too.  These guys really gave us the drive to put our stuff out there and see where it leads. I will always be indebted to these fellows. *bows*

6. And of course no list is complete without thanking you guys, you early adopters, please, keep on reading! Send us some suggestions on what you like, what you don’t like, maybe some encouragement, anything.  Maybe you want to mail me a dollar, hey, go ahead! I’ll take your dollar, sir, I’ll take your dollar and turn it into hilarity! So thank you so much for reading! You keep reading and we’ll keep working, hell we’ll keep working even if you don’t read, but Baroquen is proven to make you a more charming and tasteful individual so it really is in your best interest to keep reading 😉

So yeah, I’m still super excited about this strip. :D  I don’t mean to commit an act of hubris, but I think big things are on the horizon… watch out Halfpixel! Baroquen Industries and Pancake Farms are comin’ for ya!

On a side note, some other comics you should read which are personal favorites of mine and have inspired me to create are:

Wondermark @

Dr. McNinja @

chainsawsuit (also by Mr. Straub) @

Penny Arcade @

Least I Could do @

Achewood @

As for comics in print, I’m a big fan of The Boondocks, Get Fuzzy, and The Phantom (for different reasons 😛 ) Oh! And I don’t want to leave out The Venture Brothers on Cartoon Network.


And there is probably about tens of more comics I should list here, but I should get back to work 😉 Now, these are just my own influences, our resident artist and creator most likely has more and different influences from my own 😀

Keep on Keepin’ on and don’t stop believing,



Manager of Baroquen Industries

A tiny little division of Pancake Farms