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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Dear Internet;

The time has come for me to put a name plaque on my door in “La Plaza Internet” Hotel.  I’ve been having some troubles thinking of what I should use as my name on this here blog, and also I should use as my avatar. 

The following questions arrise:

1. Should I use a picture of myself? Or draw one? Or use a silly picture of something else?

2. What nickname to use? Is it dangerous to use my real name? Should I use a nickname? A pen name? Should it disguise my gender? Should I just remain A. Kaufman, Manager of Baroquen Industries?

From there I have so many nicknames to choose from, they range from the embarrassing to the obscure. They are derived from family pet names contrived from when I was a child all the way to names I use for my WoW character(s) (<– embarrassing) So… what to choose? AIM names? Family nicknames? One of the names I refer to myself as in my head? It’s tricky…

I will be discussing this with my compatriots, and this next blog I will most definately sign it with my new and (hopefully) permanent name for this wonderful comic for which we all have grown so fond of.

We’ve grown into this strip so much in the past months, and I hope you all stay tuned, for there are some new characters and some awesome storylines forthcoming.  So… feel free to put in your input and let us know how we are doing.

Peace, love, sunshine and rainbows,

A. Kaufman

Manager of Baroquen Industries

PS: Unicorn Giggles, too.